Monthly Archives: October 2017

Episode 5: Marketers on Event Marketing

Join host Megan Powers and her Event Marketing professional guests:

Nick Borelli – President, Borelli Strategies. Nick is an event marketing consultant, providing eventprofs with strategies to market their events more successfully.

Alex Plaxen – President/Founder Little Bird Told Media. Alex is passionate about using social media to amplify the reach of events. Little Bird Told Media’s tagline is “Where Online Meets Offline.”

All discuss some best practices about event marketing, the current state of event marketing, some of the different conference examples, and more.

Episode 4: We Learn How to “TwitterSmarter” with the Top Twitter Pro

The 4th episode of the Making a Marketer show is all about Twitter, sharing best practices, and even some hidden treasures you might not have known about. Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guest:

Madalyn Sklar – Social Media Speaker & Consultant and Twitter Marketing Expert

Do you take part in “Twitter Chats”? Madalyn is the master, and we talked quite a bit about how she and her team handle her weekly high-volume #TwitterSmarter chat (Thursdays, 1pm EST). We also talked about the great importance of having your social media included in a crisis communication plan for events… Is she “team 140” or “team 280”? (If you don’t know what that means, you must listen!)… and so much more (even Netscape getting a mention on this one).

Sit back, plug in and enjoy this one!